The Sub Left Journal’s 5 Point Plan

The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States has rocked the world. I have been trying to process this absurd turn of events, but every time I hear Anderson Cooper say “President-Elect Trump” I still puke in my mouth a little bit, swallow it down and let the acidic discomfort remind me of what a Trump administration is going to be likedrumpf-wins going forward. The atomic risk that his angry white mob decided to take on November 8th could end up costing us the whole planet and at minimum the character of a country for the next 100 years. I’m not one for making predictions about the actions of neurotic con men, but I will make a wager that we are in for a cornucopia of dumbfuckery in the near future. The level of excitement from members of the Republican Leadership the past few weeks makes me truly uneasy. The results of this election are a fucking warning shot and the war actually started 18 months ago, you were just too busy with video games and instagram to notice the growing revolt against even modest attempts at diversity. The Democratic Party has continually shown its ineffectiveness as a party of equality and working people. Their abandonment of core principles and utter arrogance in the face of a desperate 2016 electorate should be evidence enough to their compromised economic and foreign policies, controlled more by financial interests and egos than a party for the progressive movement. If my language sounds marxist,then welcome to the struggle. The millenials of this country are at a crossroads after having their future put into jeopardy by a mob of angry white grandpas and their cadre of various white supremacist mouth breathers. In this environment a new political voice will emerge out of the same need to blunt tyranny with all means at our disposal. This same necessity which has driven resistance and revolutionary movements for centuries. The Drumpf message is a death rattle for the generation who still thinks that we can bomb our way demogugueto peace without having to carry the baggage of empire. That we can marginalize away our ethnic divisions, to keep everyone in their place and that their violence will stop us from taking our birthright. We will not yield the battlefield to a binary political system that only gives us the decision between a party that has been driven so far to the right that they are covering up paid speeches to Wall street and another party who has nose dived into the lagoon, where men with blatantly divisive, authoritarian and racist views are now infesting our highest office. The only alternative to this cyclical crisis is to reject them and start a new.

Inspired, but not fully convinced, by Michael Moore’s 5 point plan, we have also thought about and discussed the way forward for a more humane and inclusive political reality.

  1. Leave the Democratic Party.

  • when_did_the_republican_and_democratic_parties_trade_places_757_3613I know it is going to be hard for some of us. Bernie and Elizabeth appear to be elevated to positions of power, but the machinery of the DNC is not going to tolerate them for long and if they get the Democrats back into power in 2020, we will just go back to the same old neo-liberal corporate bureaucracy nightmare that drove so many people away in the first place.

  1. The Left must unite! Green Party, Socialist Alternative & DSA

  • I would like to think Bernie and others who would count themselves as part of The Resistance would at least acknowledge our decision and we part as allies for future battles. The sectarian and ideological conflicts that have been dividing so many parties on the left must come to an end so that we can unite Socialist Alternative with the Green Party and the DSA to finally make a stand against the injustices that go unaddressed and the countless cases that are sure to come. This means uniting under a new banner and a new charter. Call it American Progressives or The Watermelon Party, whichever title will be acceptable by most people in our coalition. Lets not get hung up on names or team colors right now, there are bigger, oranger fish to fry.

  1. Direct Action Politics

  • Find an affiliated organization or go organize with some friends with affiliated ideas, but get together and make it official. This is no time to go it alone and the threats are real. Find your talent or what it is you do best and put at least some of that towards building this party and making the grievances of the disenfranchised and discounted heard. There have been no indications that Drumpf isn’t going to break yet another convention and actually do everything he has barked about for this endless mind sucking “campaign”. There should always be the threat of spontaneous protest at Trump Tower, The White House and anywhere else he is going to be. We all have our battles with rising fascism, but Drumpf has somehow become a rallying cry for the worst kind of thugary in the US and validation for the once fringe thugs masquerading as politicians in Europe. We will make an example of bdcoyifygmilm1bgpae0Trump. He is safe no where and he will never get our validation. Write songs or articles, advocate for unions and human rights on the PTA, don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t make a difference. There is something you can contribute, so find your comrades and get to work. We have got to work to be a positive alternative to the coming administration’s bile and their blue painted opponents who would only like to see the money train directed back the other way. There are already thousands of us out there putting action to words and impacting our communities for good. I hope that you will be seeing a noticeable increase in volunteers and that it is sustained.


  1. Self Defense Courses

  • Physical and Informational. We need to educate ourselves on who our opponents are and what they are willing to do. Get in shape, start eating right. Read more books and newspapers and less Facebook posts. Sign up for newsletters or podcasts. Look up how to encrypt communications, bring in technical expertise. Take some hand to hand combat courses, learn how to get comfortable with violent confrontation, because Trump’s enforcers are going to be out too, wherever he goes, ready to intimidate and crack skulls for the Früher, so we have to toughen up guys. I hope that all of us are at least exploring the option of going to Washington D.C. On January 20th 2016, to make sure Donald goes into the history books from the outset as the most despised President ever to be inaugurated. But the Bikers For Trump have gotten wind of us “Snowflakes” and are going to be in military-hand-to-hand-combat-guideWashington to ensure that Trump’s sycophants aren’t annoyed by the whining leftists and minorities. So if you don’t want to get stomped out by the BFTs then I suggest organizing with other people who you can trust and who will have your back when the words start becoming actions. I hope we all start thinking about our health and how to protect ourselves. Reality is a bitter pill, but anyone who has been looking at this from the grassroots has to know this was coming. The conservative movement that I have known since 2000 is not interested in negotiating, they are only interested in authority and now they have it and Drumpf brought in the muscle that was just waiting at the castle walls.

  1. No Consent

  • Don’t listen to the chorus line of unity that is being blasted from the screens. That is either denial or strategy, but all it really does is attempt to make the election of someone so demonstrably unqualified to arguably the most consequential job on the planet a normal occurrence that we should all just accept without dissent or reservation. We don’t make common cause with the Klan or any other supremacists, so don’t waste your breathe Anderson. Drumpf had ample time and opportunity to shame and attack the white supremacists celebrating his victory by beginning their own Kristallnacht in cities and towns around the United States, his Twitter fury instead was used on the cast of Hamilton and Saturday Night Live. So no. I will not unite behind this swine. We will not accept a fascist ethno-state as a country. The appointment of Steve Bannon is the beginning and the end of the conversation about whether or not Donald will keep his bigoted campaign promises. The brown coats are celebrating in Washington D.C., and the Trumpkins are trying to tell me that Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about it. If you believe that, you are sleeping at the wheel. The Nazi’s were also just a small slice of the German right, but violence and money have a way of breaking down our wills. We are not for sale and we will not be intimidated. Those suit and tie peckerwoods at the “alt-right” convention will need to face justice for all of the violence they have brought upon our people. Their threats and ignorant attempts at originality expose them for the fascists that they are. Don’t bother with the argument that all conservatives get called racists and fascists. I never called Mitt Romney that, but these fucking knuckle draggers are going to have to be dealt with eventually, once Drumpf collapses they are not going to go quietly. These are enemies to the people and we will not unite with them or their silver spooned orange nightmare.


Stand up. Be counted. They have no mandate and we don’t have time to play games with these hombres. I hope to see some of you soon and the rest of you later.

In Solidarity Forever,